MameDB is an Android app that supports you maintaining your Mame roms. This app is useful to you if you ever asked yourself one of the following questions (or similar ones)

Screen 1: ROM listScreen 2: filter optionsScreen 3: ROM details

The app links to more useful sites (e.g. and is enriched by pictures from various resources.

What the app is NOT:

The app uses the following PERMISSIONS:
The database values are all extracted by the -listxml option of the mame-executable, it doesn't include any classifications in genre / categories or version-infos, since the mame-executable doesn't support it, but you can enrich your in-app database by importing several files:

With these imports you can individualise your app database.

Please contact us at mamedb(at) if you have any questions or want to support this app in any way. We are looking for beta-testers, nice graphics / icons, further enhancements / To-dos etc...
And consider that this app is work in progress. It's not (yet!) optimized to react on unexpected user behaviour, so expect some exceptions, if you try uncommon things... ;o


You can store the pictures (Snapshots & Titles) on your Android device in a directory of your choice. Please select that directory in settings under "Path to cache". Make sure your pictures have the following format: t_<name_of_rom>.tbn (Titles) or s_<name_of_rom>.tbn (Snapshots).
You can also download the pictures in MameDB. Pictures are provided by
If you update more than 20 pictures at once, MameDB asks you to verify to protect your data volume limits. It only makes sense to download pictures in the picture overview screen if you have chosen a cache directory in settings.